msb ~014 A duty to collaborate

A duty to collaborate

Shaping the Culture: Duty to Collaborate?
Glasgow 27th August 2018

It’s great to see Creative Carbon Scotland putting the case for the arts in helping society anticipate, adapt to and tackle the impacts of our changing climate. Their latest event seeks to bring creative practitioners into the heart of the debate, with a consultation event on 27th August. This builds on the work CCS did last year, responding to the Scottish Government on a Cultural Strategy. Among the many excellent points (and demonstrations of good practice) in their response, what stood out for me was the short section that started with this declaration: “There is an absolutely essential role for art to ‘get out of its box, into other boxes, and get other people into art’s boxes’.”

It went on to call for a “‘duty to collaborate’ … For example, embedding 30 artists in public bodies in 3 years …
The ability to collaborate is something which some artists are adept at, and the difficulties in this is often where good art thrives.”

I hope their event this month is able to flesh out the opportunities for public bodies, public debate and better policy. I’m sure there are plenty of artists who are up to the task!

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