msb ~021 Tune in, all senses on

Tune in, all senses on

Fox and Woods

How many signals from ‘out there’ do we miss? Our animal senses — already selectively filtered to the exacting ‘survive-and-thrive’ demands of our species-niche within the more-than-human world — have become blunted by the restricted environment we’ve created for ourselves. Can our de-tuned faculties of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling still reach out beyond the ‘low bandwidth, high volume’ saturation of 70+ years of Great Acceleration? Very probably yes — with practice and attention. Imagination is the greatest technology we can deploy in our favour here, humility its renewable fuel.

So it’s a great boon to have artists and other creative minds at work, busy sensing outwards and inwards beyond the fog, helping us navigate the here-and-now and the future beyond. At ClimateCultures, we have a series that looks out for imaginary Signals from the Edge –and now that we’ve published our second contribution, I can officially call it a series! Canadian writer Brit Griffin has shared a text and a recording that explore the eery-familiar cry of fox, the just-beyond call of trees, as wildfires rage in the north of our overheated planet … 

It’s ultrasonic out there

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