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Exploring the Mel

Work continues on Waterlight, the new local community environmental website about the river Mel in Cambridgeshire. My role is to bring the inspired work of the project team to life on the website — going live in October. One advantage of behind-the-scenes work is spending time with both the overview and the detailed look at what’s going on. In this case, poet Clare Crossman, filmmaker James Murray-White and historian Bruce Huett are exploring the particular stories of people and places along the river, taking school parties out to make their own films, and delving into intriguing past associations, such as composer Ralph Vaughan Williams collecting folk songs among local communities.

I’ll share the Waterlight website as soon as it’s live but, in the meantime, Clare has been giving updates via her website  — another one I designed for her. Clare is a wonderful poet, as the series she shared recently with ClimateCultures demonstrates, and it’s great to work with her again. In my behind-the-scenes role I do miss out on the fieldwork, of course, but what about all those boring project meetings? As Clare reveals in her latest blog post, they “usually take place at lunchtime in the pub.” Hmm.

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