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Finding Blake  

The Lark, Finding Blake

Just as one project’s website launches — with Waterlight’s successful release into the world this week — another one marks a significant milestone. In six months, Finding Blake has clocked up impressive work, thanks to its driving force, filmmaker James Murray-White. As a mostly behind-the-scenes researcher and editor, I can sometimes overlook the scope of detailed work on the ground — until James sends in his latest project update for me to edit. He’s generated lots of footage of interviews, performance, craftsmanship and locations – even before we get to the recent unveiling of William Blake’s new gravestone at his London burial site.

As a great admirer of Blake’s paintings and poetry, it has been fascinating for me to be exposed to lots of new materials, personal accounts and discussion around the breadth of the man’s vision. Bringing over a dozen voices to Finding Blake, with twice as many posts, has been a great Blakean induction for me, and I’m looking forward to more. As I’ve noted before, what drew me to the project is its focus on reimagining Blake for our current age and our predicaments, given his own focus on the human imagination as key to understanding and dwelling in the world.

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