msb ~078 Anthropocene objects

Anthropocene objects 

Anthropocene objects - man silhouetted at the Weather Project, Tate Modern
Anthropocene objects

I’m intrigued by the evocative objects that people choose as significant markers of our changing world in the Age of Human. A ClimateCultures series captures these material offerings, and we published our latest three Anthropocene Objects today.



Our archive so far

a 13th-century image of Cosmic Man
a 19th-century book on clouds
a 3D collage of disparate elements
a chalk hillside figure of a human, age unknown
a child’s bone kayak from the Arctic Circle
a classic tractor
a field of darkly reflective solar panels
a floating metal island
a homemade wooden paddle
a mobile phone
a photographic series documenting artistic interventions on an iceberg
a plaque marking the birthplace of the world’s first plastic
a prayer wheel for generating power
a record taking sounds of Earth to the stars
a satellite network observing Earth
a sculpture of a calcified bladder stone
a shell sculpture on an eroding coastline
a stone from a loch beach holiday
a sugar sculpture of a bleaching coral reef
a micro battery
a used water bottle
an atmospheric experiment destined for Mars
an incandescent lightbulb
an outdoors cooking set
an urban fatberg rehoused in a museum
the first long-lasting record stylus
the world’s first blanket

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