Bringing together people, ideas, possibilities

In my freelance work and in my ClimateCultures initiative — as with my previous roles in local, regional and national programmes – my successes centre on bringing together diverse people, perspectives and interests to create new ways forward on environmental and climate change.

Whether as sole contractor, in collaboration with other freelancers or working closely with in-house teams, I bring this inclusive approach to each new role. This could be to:

  • Facilitate constructive dialogue through events, interviews and discussions;
  • Investigate problems, successes and new opportunities using a range of complementary research approaches;
  • Build effective knowledge exchange processes, drawing on online or ‘in person’ brokering, networking or partnership-building approaches;
  • Manage bespoke projects to pilot and deliver positive impact, including design, funding, marketing, recruitment, supplier and budget control, delivery, evaluation and reporting requirements, as required.