msb ~002 Prototyping Climate Museum UK

Prototyping Climate Museum UK

Group work at Climate Museum UK. Photo: Bridget McKenzie 2018

I took part in a first workshop for an exciting new initiative: a mobile Climate Museum for the UK. Created by Bridget McKenzie of Flow Associates, the vision is to creatively stir a response to the climate emergency, through an experimental mobile museum and a growing collection of artworks and activity tools; exploring climate change and the biosphere in ways that empower its participants to learn, share testimony and take positive action. A great vision and something I’m keen for my ClimateCultures initiative to support. A group of us gathered in London for a lively afternoon, to get to know each other, explore our interests in the project, generate questions that might help people engage with climate change – using clay to make an object to help ‘hold the question’ – and work in groups to make structures or visual ideas for an installation. Looking forward to more encounters with this wonderful idea!

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